Yoga is much more than just exercise. The discipline of yoga is performed with purpose and contemplation. Having an awareness of the body in contact with the earth, the rhythm of your heart beat and the flowing breath all allows for a certain kind of magic to occur. It’s like time stands still. Just for a moment.

I am here to help you to gain your own perspective and understanding of yoga within the context of your life. To successfully incorporate the aspects you need and to allow you to access your true strength and inner peace.

Offering yoga and meditation in the work place is a cost effective way to achieve happy and productive employees and gives you the edge over your competitors. I can come directly to your workplace to teach yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to your employees. All you need is some space for a small group to practice. I also give your staff techniques on correcting their posture whilst sitting for long periods of time and these techniques they can use at home.

To achieve wellness in the workplace and inject a little bit of sunshine contact me for

* 45min or 60min Private sessions for senior executives

* 45min or 60min Group staff sessions

* Weekly or monthly sessions.

* Practical advice and take-home exercises


Penny Slein Yoga
Phone: 0614134000
City: Durban
Penny Slein YogaPenny Slein YogaPenny Slein YogaPenny Slein Yoga