Yoga is not just about asanas, it is about SO much more.. Nestled inbetween nature, hOHM Yoga School is here to deepen your knowledge and most importantly, your understanding of yoga and its philosophies. We pride ourselves in sharing this aincient knowledge in a way that will transform bad habits, introduce new ways of being, and taking the focus within the mind-body-soul connection
Our main focus is on Chakra Yoga, tapping into the energy centre's of the body through movement, sound, breath, concentration, meditation & vibration itself.

We also love aerial yoga! We have 8 hammocks.

This is a fun approach to yoga, and so amazing for increased core strength, flexibility, and learning about yourself in a new way.

We offer classes, workshops, Retreats & 200hr TTCs.

Simmi Fink, E-RYT500 is the brainchild of this centre, set in the middle of mantis and Moon Backpackers lodge. With a background in dancing and gymnastics, Simmi begun her yoga journey many moons ago. After a traumatic experience, she decided to embark on a journey of self discovery, and studied Chakra Yoga in Thailand for 3 months. Is now teaching aerial and Chakra Yoga retreats and TTCs all over the world, while juggling the role of mum to 2young kids, and is also a WOMBS Doula & Hypnobirthing Practitioner

7/178 Station Road,Umzumbe,Pumula


Simmi Fink - HOHM Yoga School
City: Pumula
Simmi Fink - HOHM Yoga SchoolSimmi Fink - HOHM Yoga SchoolSimmi Fink - HOHM Yoga SchoolSimmi Fink - HOHM Yoga School